Der Wink

A Main Stage Production

Seated in one of 4 quadrants each facing a different direction around the centre of the room, each audience member is isolated by a narrow aisle on all sides. As the show begins, panels of cardboard walls of 8’ by 4’ were erected on the periphery of the audience seating area, thus implying a physical divide between the audience and performers. With an 8.1 surround sound system, and 2 opposing projectors placed at the north and south sides of the performance space, sound designer Nancy Tam, and lighting / projection designer Parjad Sharifi, enveloped the audience with an immersive visual and aural sensorial experience.

Der Wink focuses on playing with the sense of space, highlighting mundane human interactions in changing environments. Mimicking various spatial configurations, the devising artists worked closely with architect Jessie Garlick to create familiar settings such as a bedroom, a bathroom, a cinema and so on with moving cardboard walls.

The performers, amplified by wireless mics, move through the aisles at times performing for one quadrant of audience members while blocking another emphasizing the shift of space creating a distinct performance for each audience member.

Der Wink premiered in August 2013 and ran for 5 days over 7 shows at the Russian Hall.

Collaborators: Steven Hill (Director) // Parjad Sharifi (Projection Designer) // Nancy Tam (Sound Designer / Performer) // Sean Marshall Jr. (Performer) // Kiki Rahmani (Performer) // Alex Ferguson (Performer) // Nneka Croal (Performer)


Timelapse Video


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