The 3 P's: an evening of art, discussion & libation

The 3 P’s: an evening of art, discussion & libation

the 3 Ps

Join us for this exclusive salon event, Saturday, Feb. 20, 8 PM


RSVP to for location and event details. Space is limited, reserve early.

What are the 3 P’s? This is the stinging question that visual artists Kelly Lycan and Natalie Purschwitz will address during their very informative yet unabashedly casual presentation of their individual practices and processes.

Natalie Purschwitz is an artist and designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work seeks out spaces between art and design, performance and daily life. Her visual art practice is materially motivated and driven by curiosities in anthropology/archaeology, human/nature relationships and formal arrangements. Clothing is sometimes a starting point for her work. She is interested in how clothing functions as a language and a form of cultural production. Her work incorporates a range of media including sculptural installation, video, performance, photography and works on paper. She has a parallel practice designing costumes and sets for contemporary dance and theatre. Natalie grew up in a small town in the Canadian Rockies.

Kelly Lycan is a photo-based installation artist who resides in Vancouver BC. Her work investigates the way objects and images are placed and displayed in the world and the cycle of value they go through. Re-purposing and re-contextualizing ordinary things is a consistent part of her practice as well as researching the differences between experience and reproduction and how to translate these ideas through sculpture and photography by referencing collections and methods of display. Lycan engages photography in order to push it beyond medium specificity into a fluid quality of relations that blur the distinction between production and mass-consumption, content and style, time and place. The real becomes replica, representation becomes abstract, and image becomes object.


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