Fight With a Stick seeks to create immersive audience experiences with a focus on the dramaturgy of performance space, the nature of the spectator-performer encounter, and the social, political, and colonial histories of its geographical and temporal location: the Russian Hall as it is situated in the neighbourhood of Strathcona, the city of Vancouver, and the province of British Columbia (a colonial cartographic designation of unceded traditional First Nations territories).

From this base, Fight With a Stick also intends to disseminate work across and beyond its immediate region, and seeks national and international partnerships with like-minded artists. The company also seeks collaboration with artists from disciplines outside of traditional theatre.


1. To create hybrid performances for a hybrid audience (audience members that are as curious about the visual arts, sound arts, film, video, and digital arts as they are about conventional theatre art). 2. To create immersive performances that encourage encounters with self and with difference. 3. To create performances that recognize our moment in a local historical continuum that includes our colonial history and the fact of our residency on First Nations territory. 4. To continually examine the nature of performance, spectatorship, and representation.



“If someone asked me to show them something that represented Vancouver as a unique, cultural centre, Leaky Heaven would be at the top of my list.”

– Andrew Templeton, PLANK Magazine

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