Recent Events


Revolutions – (Performance Installation) staged for small audience in a 7,000 sq ft                                                warehouse in East Vancouver.                                                                                                        May 19-29, 2016

Station – (Research/Performance) at Simon Fraser University                                                   March 2016

Steppenwolf – (Performance Installation) staged for the Russian Hall, Stathcona.                                                                 Presented in partnership with The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival                   Feb 4-8, 2015

To Wear A Heart So White – (Main Stage Performance) Russian Hall, Strathcona           March 2014

der Wink – (Main Stage Performance) Russian Hall, Strathcona                                     July/August 2013


Salon Events

The 3 P’s – Vancouver, Strathcona                                           February 2016

Salon #1 – Suzie’s Address, Russian Hall, Strathcona          July 2014

Lost Weekend – Russian Hall, Strathcona                           July 2014



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